23 December 2008

Huh? and Christmas

Huh? What's that?

Oh, whatever. It's boring.

But new hedgehogs aren't.

Aren't I handsome with Daddy's new camera?

And what's that? Christmas? (ignore the posting date... Mummy's slow)

Me and cousin Ghost! We got along good, but she doesn't know how to play, yet, really...

Mummy snuggling.

Snuggling with one of my Christmas presents!

This is Banner. He came on Saturday, and he's a foster. He and I get along good! He makes lots of noise by hitting the walls with his tail. He's pretty happy. Mummy says she thinks he'll get a forever home soon.

18 December 2008

Mummy... Post!

Mummy needs to be less busy; even though I've been begging and whining, she hasn't had time to log on to let me do a new post! And I wanted to post!

It's been so cold! I ask everyone I see to make it warmer, but they aren't! Why aren't they? It's cold! And I don't really like my boots or my coat, but Mummy and Daddy won't take me for a walk without them, and sometimes they don't let me outside in the yard without at least my jacket, and sometimes they don't even take me for a walk it's so cold! Not that I want to go for a walk when it's so cold, but I do like walks. Why can't they make it warmer?

There are some nice things about the cold time. There's the snow, which for some reason makes it lighter when we go for walks in the morning, even though it's darker. And there's the funny people things on the lawns, which at first I was really not sure about, but now I know they just sorta stand there and make a blowy windy noise (at night) or kind of collapse flat (in the morning). And the snow is fun too! I like digging at it (which isn't quite as easy to do when you've got boots on).

We've been doing lots of things too! Two weekends ago, we went driving, and then we were in a place with lots of tall buildings, and we went inside, and there were greyhounds inside! Mummy said it was the Jingle On Parade, and we were bringing Santa to all the little kids! We were a little late, so I didn't get to be a reindog, but I was a jingle dog, and I led the way! I even wanted to pass the lady wearing the sign, but Mummy wouldn't let me.

Here we all are, getting ready to go!

Jingle dog!

Reindogs ready!

I met sooo many people! And they were all happy to meet me!

I met lots and lots of small people too!

There's lots of pictures here:

Jingle On Parade 2008

Last weekend, I also went for a sleepover with Auntie Sue! It was super cold out, and I was kind of worried about Mummy and Daddy, since they weren't there, but it was still fun! I hung out with Pharaoh and Caine and Maggie (Maggie liked me except when she was on the couch), and Auntie Sue's foster Gil, who was a great guy! I slept in until 9! Mummy and Daddy were shocked about that when they came to get me on Sunday morning, and they asked me why I could never sleep in at home. Duh! I can't sleep in at home because how else would Mummy and Daddy wake up in the morning!

After they picked me up, they drove me to a pet store place, and John and Deb were there! But I didn't recognize John at first, because he was all dressed funny! He was in a red suit and had a white thing that looked like a furry toy but didn't squeak on his face, and a hat! They put a jingle collar on me again and I thought maybe we were doing another parade, though it seemed an odd place to do a parade, but I just stood with John and had my picture taken. Then Mummy and Daddy shopped a bit and talked, and then we went home! I was so tired (and cold), so I slept for a long time after that.

Now Mummy says that next week we're going to Calgary, and I get to meet my new cousin! What's a cousin? Mummy says her name is Ghost, and we're spending Christmas Eve together. I hope she likes me...

22 November 2008

What fun!

But I wonder why Mummy and Daddy were hiding such fun things under the bed... And what's this Christmas thing they're talking about? And why did they move all the fun things after this?

12 November 2008


Two weekends ago, we went visiting. Mummy and Daddy and I got in the Priestmobile, and we drove. We drove for a long time, and Mummy and Daddy kept talking about being lost, but I lay down in the back of the Priestmobile and looked out the window, and stood up when we went on the bumpy roads. Finally we got to where we were going, and there was another dog there named Aspen who didn't like me much, and another greyhound! His name was Tucker, and we got along really well! We hung out and traded beds, and followed each other around, and ate cookies, and went for a walk! Everyone said we looked really alike. Hmm... Maybe.

Mummy was away this weekend, but I was a good boy and I woke Daddy up so he could feed me, and we went and met Duchess and her family for a run! It was a good weekend, but I was happy to see Mummy again!

27 October 2008

Hallowe'en Howleroo!

So for the last while, Mummy's been trying these clothes on me. They didn't seem terribly practical, and reminded me of that first coat that Mummy and Daddy used when I first came to them before I got my own coat. But Mummy kept wanting to put these clothes on me, and even though I really didn't like it, I let her. I had no idea what was going to happen!

I guess I wasn't the only one whose Mummy or Daddy was trying crazy clothes on them! Because when Mummy and I went to the greyhound walk on Sunday (Daddy stayed home; something about a cold and the cold. I guess they're two different things and they don't go together), everyone was wearing clothes! Hats and clothes and hats or clothes, and some of the older greyhounds said that the mummies and daddies do this every year!

There were prizes too, and I got one! Not the big one, that went to the dog in the middle dressed as Legolas (what's a Legolas?). But I got a treat bag filled with yummy things that I totally want! But Mummy and Daddy only gave me a little and then put it in my cupboard. Darn.

This is my outfit. Mummy dressed me up as a yarn ninja. I don't know what she's talking about. I only ever take yarn if it's left out!

There were knitting needles attached on one side, and...

...some yarn on the other! And a mask attached to my muzzle, and then the very impractical clothes.

Everyone walked in their costumes. It was a nice long walk, and even though it was chilly, we were warm in the clothes, so maybe they weren't so impractical...

Duchess is off at her forever home now, but I do want to leave you with one picture of us.

Study in Patience: Two Greyhounds Waiting for Walkies

07 October 2008

Duchess watches TV

I'm brave

This morning when we were walking, there was a man without a dog and who wasn't running. He was walking on the other side of the field from us, but I still saw him and thought that it was weird. Then, when we came around the corner of the path, he was there in front of us! He was sitting on the path. Well, I knew this was definitely Not Right. People don't sit on the path. People walk on the path or run on the path or walk their dogs on the path or run with their dogs on the path. They don't sit on the path. So he was Not Right.

So I told him so. I growled and I barked and my tail was up but not wagging, and Mummy tried to make me quiet, but I had to bark and growl a little more. I told him that this was my Mummy and my friend Duchess, and he was Not Right, and he should just get up and start walking so he could be Right, because I was Priest and I knew he was Not Right and I would protect my Mummy and Duchess.

And he did! He got up and he picked up his shoes (that was weird too, the picking up the shoes thing) and he started walking before we got close to him. And I didn't have to bark or growl anymore, because he was still weird, but he was Right now, and he wasn't coming towards us.

Mummy says I'm very brave.

Mummy also says she'll upload a video of Duchess watching television as soon as Daddy brings her the card from the camera. I don't know what that means, but I guess it means there'll be a video here soon.

06 October 2008

Feet, wet, girl

My foot is almost all better, thank you for asking! Boy, those were some good drugs. I lay on the couch all night, and then the next day, I barely limped! I still feel it every once in a while, but it's not bad at all anymore. But the laying on the couch was great. I'm finding more and more comfortable positions to lie in. Look!

Wind-tunnel ear position.

Companionable head position.

This past Saturday was a crazy day! Mummy and Daddy are crazy! First, they got me WET! And SOAPY! And SMELLY (but not normal smelly)! And it SUCKED!

I'm wet and in the bathtub and it sucks.

I'm wet and in the bathtub and soapy and it sucks.

I'm still wet and in the bathtub but I'm getting dried off, so it sucks less.

I'm so impressed, Mummy and Daddy. So very impressed.

Then I had to air myself even drier than the towels made me. You know, I used to be so self-conscious that if I even caught Mummy and Daddy looking at me when I was cockroached, I'd stop...

And then, at night on Saturday, Mummy and Daddy went out for a few minutes, and when they came back, they had a girl with them! Her name is Duchess and her forever Mummy works in the same building as Mummy, but she's never been in a house before, so we're teaching her a few things before she goes to her forever house. Things like going outside, and toys, and dog beds, and mealtimes, and walk times, and stairs. She really needs to learn how to go downstairs better, because she slipped coming downstairs on Sunday morning and tore off one of her nails! Mummy and Daddy were really sorry about that, especially since Duchess was bleeding. Duchess got so much attention on Sunday! John and Deb came over, and Duchess' forever Mummy, and we all hung out and Duchess got lots of attention from everyone because she was new and because of her nail. Okay, well, maybe I got lots of attention too, but Duchess got lots!

This is Duchess. She loves her water dish. Hee hee roo roo, that was funny!

There will be more pictures of Duchess outside her kennel later. Right now she really likes her kennel, but she's getting better. She and I shared my papasan for a bit this morning, and she figured out last night that dog beds are for lying on. She's really smart.

23 September 2008

Ouch... Ow... Ow...

Mummy and I spent most of the afternoon at the vet, and this is why.

We were there a long time, but I still had a good time, even though my foot hurts something fierce! There was a nice vet lady who tested my leg and my foot, and then Mummy and I waited a while, and then I got to go into the Treatment Room! I love the Treatment Room! I wish I could spend my whole vet visit in the Treatment Room! I keep telling this to Mummy and the vet people, but they still make me stay outside a long time, and I can only look longingly at the door. But I finally got to go into the Treatment Room, and then they took some funny pictures of my foot. Then they tried to take me out of the Treatment Room, and I DIDN'T want to go, until I saw Mummy. Then the vet lady showed Mummy the funny pictures, and then she told Mummy what she thought was wrong with my foot. It was lots of big words, like "no fracture" and "soft tissue damage" and "bruise and redness," and then she told Mummy to give me a "painkiller and anti-inflammatory" something. But I did understand when she told Mummy that we shouldn't go for walks! For a WEEK! That she should just let me outside to go to the bathroom! That SUCKS! I'll have to try to make Mummy forget that part. I love my morning walks! We HAVE to go!



*silent wimper* My foot really hurts.

17 September 2008

Lots to tell!

Wow, it's been busy! I should start with the picnic! This was what Mummy was talking about, but Mummy didn't even go! Daddy and I went and we met Sabrina and Apollo and their mummy and daddy in person, and Daddy and I had an awesome time, even though I spent seven hours trying to get Daddy to explore with me, and he wanted to explore in different directions, or didn't want to explore at all. I was trying so hard to explore that he didn't have much chance to take pictures, so the ones below are from Sabrina and Apollo's mummy Terri. Thanks for letting me borrow your pictures, Terri!

Daddy and I at the picnic! Let's go explore, Daddy!

Daddy and Sabrina and Apollo's daddy and me and Sabrina and Apollo!

But it wasn't just us; there were lots of greyhounds and greyhound mummies and daddies and sisters and brothers and friends! It was amazing!

And there was food! People food, but still! It smelled lovely.

It's too bad Mummy wasn't there. She came back just after we got back from the picnic, and she was so sad to have missed it, she was crying. I told her not to cry. There will be other picnics!

Oh, and I did something good! On Monday I was hungry late at night, so I did what Daddy does and I got myself a midnight snack. Daddy's work bag was on the floor, and I smelled peanut butter in it, so I went in there and took it out and ate it! It was all wrapped up, and was in these circles with this really tasty brown yummy stuff around it (and paper too), but I got them out of the wrapper and ate them! Daddy was so proud of me he woke Mummy up to show her the wrapper I opened, and he called Colleen to tell her too! I'm so proud of myself! I can take care of myself! Although, my tummy was a little oogly afterwards. Not much, but a little. Maybe it was the paper. I shouldn't have eaten the paper.

04 September 2008

An update

Mesa's gone now, and the toys are all back in the basket (and the ZoomGroom is back with the other brush).

I know Mummy is a little worried about me, and I wish I could tell her not to be. I'm just re-settling in again about being by myself. And it's getting colder again, and that's kind of not fun. But I'm lying on the couch a lot, and on the bed, andlooking at Mummy and at Daddy, but I'm still loving my walks and my peanut butter and when people come home in the afternoon. I know I'm acting a little differently, but not that much, so Mummy really shouldn't worry.

We've done a lot of things in the last little while, like a greyhound walk before Mesa left, and I met Grandma and spent some time with her, and then we had a trip down to Calgary and I let Mummy and Daddy know that the next house has to have a bigger (fenced) back yard, and it was a fun trip. I think maybe there's something big coming, because Mummy keeps mentioning a picnic and is wasting a lot of great yarn on some things that are small but kind of shaped like greyhounds. I especially like the soft blue yarn that she left unattended briefly and then caught me with before I even had a chance to play. Oh well.

I guess I'll just go back to sleep.

14 August 2008


This is Mesa. Mummy and Daddy brought Mesa home two days after Red went home with his family. Except Mesa doesn't have a family yet. Mummy says that we're "fostering" her. I remember when I was a foster. I didn't know I was a foster, but I did know I sort of belonged there and sort of didn't. Mesa maybe knows that too, but it doesn't seem to bother her any. She's pretty happy to sleep on my papasan bed and play with my toys and get scratches from Mummy and Daddy! She's a really nice girl, but I'm feeling a little... crowded, I guess.

Also, don't let the pictures fool you. She doesn't lay down much. Sometimes she nibbles my feet and wants to play, but I'd rather lay on the couch. This morning was fun. Mummy was in the shower, and Daddy was in bed, and I stood on my papasan bed, and Mesa ran to the bathroom door and back to me about a hundred times. She had lots of fun! I do play with her sometimes. There's enough squeaky toys to go around, and the floor echoes so nicely when there's two of us running around!

Mummy and Daddy have been taking us to the arena at night, just like they did with Red. Mesa doesn't use one of her legs when she runs, but she's still fast and we have lots of fun at the arena! It's fun playing there!

05 August 2008

Arena fun

Mummy says Red goes home on Thursday. I'm going to miss evening run time.

In the meantime, since I can't go lie on Mummy and Daddy's bed during the day, I've had to make do with the new couch.

I know. I have such a hard life...

31 July 2008

Running and Company

On Sunday, Mummy and Daddy took me to a fun run in the new PriestMobile! It was a lot of fun, though there wasn't much running...

What? It was hot out!

This is Red. Red came home with Mummy (and some new people friends of Mummy) on Tuesday. Then Mummy left for a bit and the people friends and Red stayed. And then Mummy came home and the people friends left and Red stayed. And then Daddy came home, and Red stayed.

It's kind of weird. Mummy says Red's only here for about a week, but Red and I, we're figuring things out. Red likes my papasan bed (and I don't blame him, he's even taller than I am!), but Mummy's been making sure at bedtime I get my papasan bed back. Red wasn't too sure about the stairs to go downstairs on Tuesday, but I showed him it wasn't too bad, and then I waited upstairs with him while he got up the courage to try them. He takes stairs pretty slow, but I walked down with him. Mummy was so proud of both of us! Mummy and Daddy have been putting Red in the crate during the day, and putting the crate in front of the stairs so I can't go up and lie on their bed, but that's okay. When you're a host, you have to make sacrifices.

Last night, Mummy and Daddy took us to the arena and let us run around. That was fun! I hope we do that more. I like running with other greyhounds. When it's not hot out. And I'm learning to share.

22 July 2008

Mummy's photo-happy...

Mummy, what's a Kilroy, and why do I need to do it better?

Mummy, I'm just scratching my ear...

What are you doing, Mummy?

Yes, Mummy, I know I'm just the cutest greyhound... You don't need to keep telling me!

Enough with the pictures already, Mummy, seriously...

More Kilroy? Do I still need to do it better?

Mummy, the water is cold and weird...

Oooo, Daddy, the water on my head was coooooooollllllllldddddd...

Where did Daddy go?

I don't quite understand this purple thing with water yet, but Mummy really needs to stop taking pictures.

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