14 August 2008


This is Mesa. Mummy and Daddy brought Mesa home two days after Red went home with his family. Except Mesa doesn't have a family yet. Mummy says that we're "fostering" her. I remember when I was a foster. I didn't know I was a foster, but I did know I sort of belonged there and sort of didn't. Mesa maybe knows that too, but it doesn't seem to bother her any. She's pretty happy to sleep on my papasan bed and play with my toys and get scratches from Mummy and Daddy! She's a really nice girl, but I'm feeling a little... crowded, I guess.

Also, don't let the pictures fool you. She doesn't lay down much. Sometimes she nibbles my feet and wants to play, but I'd rather lay on the couch. This morning was fun. Mummy was in the shower, and Daddy was in bed, and I stood on my papasan bed, and Mesa ran to the bathroom door and back to me about a hundred times. She had lots of fun! I do play with her sometimes. There's enough squeaky toys to go around, and the floor echoes so nicely when there's two of us running around!

Mummy and Daddy have been taking us to the arena at night, just like they did with Red. Mesa doesn't use one of her legs when she runs, but she's still fast and we have lots of fun at the arena! It's fun playing there!

05 August 2008

Arena fun

Mummy says Red goes home on Thursday. I'm going to miss evening run time.

In the meantime, since I can't go lie on Mummy and Daddy's bed during the day, I've had to make do with the new couch.

I know. I have such a hard life...

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