23 December 2008

Huh? and Christmas

Huh? What's that?

Oh, whatever. It's boring.

But new hedgehogs aren't.

Aren't I handsome with Daddy's new camera?

And what's that? Christmas? (ignore the posting date... Mummy's slow)

Me and cousin Ghost! We got along good, but she doesn't know how to play, yet, really...

Mummy snuggling.

Snuggling with one of my Christmas presents!

This is Banner. He came on Saturday, and he's a foster. He and I get along good! He makes lots of noise by hitting the walls with his tail. He's pretty happy. Mummy says she thinks he'll get a forever home soon.

18 December 2008

Mummy... Post!

Mummy needs to be less busy; even though I've been begging and whining, she hasn't had time to log on to let me do a new post! And I wanted to post!

It's been so cold! I ask everyone I see to make it warmer, but they aren't! Why aren't they? It's cold! And I don't really like my boots or my coat, but Mummy and Daddy won't take me for a walk without them, and sometimes they don't let me outside in the yard without at least my jacket, and sometimes they don't even take me for a walk it's so cold! Not that I want to go for a walk when it's so cold, but I do like walks. Why can't they make it warmer?

There are some nice things about the cold time. There's the snow, which for some reason makes it lighter when we go for walks in the morning, even though it's darker. And there's the funny people things on the lawns, which at first I was really not sure about, but now I know they just sorta stand there and make a blowy windy noise (at night) or kind of collapse flat (in the morning). And the snow is fun too! I like digging at it (which isn't quite as easy to do when you've got boots on).

We've been doing lots of things too! Two weekends ago, we went driving, and then we were in a place with lots of tall buildings, and we went inside, and there were greyhounds inside! Mummy said it was the Jingle On Parade, and we were bringing Santa to all the little kids! We were a little late, so I didn't get to be a reindog, but I was a jingle dog, and I led the way! I even wanted to pass the lady wearing the sign, but Mummy wouldn't let me.

Here we all are, getting ready to go!

Jingle dog!

Reindogs ready!

I met sooo many people! And they were all happy to meet me!

I met lots and lots of small people too!

There's lots of pictures here:

Jingle On Parade 2008

Last weekend, I also went for a sleepover with Auntie Sue! It was super cold out, and I was kind of worried about Mummy and Daddy, since they weren't there, but it was still fun! I hung out with Pharaoh and Caine and Maggie (Maggie liked me except when she was on the couch), and Auntie Sue's foster Gil, who was a great guy! I slept in until 9! Mummy and Daddy were shocked about that when they came to get me on Sunday morning, and they asked me why I could never sleep in at home. Duh! I can't sleep in at home because how else would Mummy and Daddy wake up in the morning!

After they picked me up, they drove me to a pet store place, and John and Deb were there! But I didn't recognize John at first, because he was all dressed funny! He was in a red suit and had a white thing that looked like a furry toy but didn't squeak on his face, and a hat! They put a jingle collar on me again and I thought maybe we were doing another parade, though it seemed an odd place to do a parade, but I just stood with John and had my picture taken. Then Mummy and Daddy shopped a bit and talked, and then we went home! I was so tired (and cold), so I slept for a long time after that.

Now Mummy says that next week we're going to Calgary, and I get to meet my new cousin! What's a cousin? Mummy says her name is Ghost, and we're spending Christmas Eve together. I hope she likes me...

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