30 March 2008


Run! RunRunRunRunRun pant pant pant RunRunRunRunRun pant pant pant

Trot Trot Trot

How long have I been here? Two hours?

Trot Trot Trot Walk Waaaaaallllllk



27 March 2008

Conversation with Dad I

"Hi Daddy, welcome home, I am naked and beautiful, pet me."

"Daddy, I have water all over my face, and I'm still naked, feed me."

"Daddy, I am too tired to come get that carrot, you eat it for me."

26 March 2008

Road trip!

I'll admit it. Cars and me? Not great. I mean, they make me anxious. And why not? One big car ride brought me from the warm place to this cold place. Another one brought me to the place where the new Mum and Dad put me in their car and took me someplace that I didn't know (but I do now). And yeah, the last couple of car rides have been short and have ended up in pretty neat places, but I still have no idea what's going to happen when I get in a car. I mean, really.

So when the Mum and Dad took dowm my Xpen and put my bed and all my blankets in the car, I had no idea what was happening. We drove and it got dark, and then we stopped for a bit, and then we drove again, and it was looooong. But then we got to a new place, and they took all my stuff out of the car and put it in a house.

And there were people in this house I knew! I remember them; they came to visit me at the Mum and Dad's place! So that was good, but I still wasn't sure what was going on, so I didn't sleep 20 hours a day like I'm used to. I did a lot of watching, and they took me for lots of walks. The Mum and Dad seemed happy to be there, so I figured that it wasn't a bad place. There was lots to see and do! The Mum called the people in the house my Mormor and Morfar. I think that means something, but I'm not sure what. They were really nice to me though (except the Morfar with the loud grindy thing while I was drinking, but other than that!), and I was happy to be there.

I was happy to have my Xpen, though, 'cause I know that's my place.

And Auntie Sheila gave me a new bed! It's wonderful!

And I was a good boy when Mormor was walking me.

And then the Mum and Dad got all the stuff back in the car, and we drove and drove and drove again, but when we stopped, we were back at the Mum and Dad's house! Yay!!!! But I wouldn't mind going back there again. It was fun!

Then I slept all of Monday. I was so tired... But I was back to normal on Tuesday!

17 March 2008

Wow, what a weekend!!!

I'm sooooooo tired! I slept most of the afternoon yesterday, and I had a hard time getting out of bed this morning! But it was a great weekend! On Saturday, we got in the car and drove and when we got out, we were on a busy street, but we went into a store (which smelled great, by the way), and there were greyhounds!

The Mum and Dad said it was a meet and greet. Well, I met and gret a lot!

There were so many of us! We walked around the store, and just stood, and it was great!

This is Smoothie; she's new and looking for forever people. I like her, but I don't know what to say to her...

After a while, we all got back in cars, and so did I, and then we went to a place that also smelled good and where there was a Golden Retriever who barked, and the Mum and Dad picked up food and cookies and stuff, and then we went home. Boy, was I tired! But it was great!

Then the next morning, the Mum didn't take me for a walk, even though I really wanted to go. She said she didn't want to exhaust me. I didn't understand at the time, but then we got in the car again, and drove some more, and when we got out, there were greyhounds again! We had to run to catch up to them, 'cause we were late, but we did, and then we went walking! And there were these hills. Four of them! Two down, and two up. And by the second up, I was getting a little tired. But it was an awesome walk!

The new snow was fun, but we couldn't all spread out like the last walk.

Here we all are!

The Mum put what she calls a snood on me. I think it's kind of weird, but if it makes her happy, I'll wear it when we walk. I think the Dad is happy because it kind of matches my leash.

Then we drove again and came back home, and boy, did I sleep! What an amazing weekend!

01 March 2008

Yay Yarn!

That was so much fun! Although the Mom-Lady did tell me that she's glad I only ruined the label. I wonder what she means...

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