27 October 2008

Hallowe'en Howleroo!

So for the last while, Mummy's been trying these clothes on me. They didn't seem terribly practical, and reminded me of that first coat that Mummy and Daddy used when I first came to them before I got my own coat. But Mummy kept wanting to put these clothes on me, and even though I really didn't like it, I let her. I had no idea what was going to happen!

I guess I wasn't the only one whose Mummy or Daddy was trying crazy clothes on them! Because when Mummy and I went to the greyhound walk on Sunday (Daddy stayed home; something about a cold and the cold. I guess they're two different things and they don't go together), everyone was wearing clothes! Hats and clothes and hats or clothes, and some of the older greyhounds said that the mummies and daddies do this every year!

There were prizes too, and I got one! Not the big one, that went to the dog in the middle dressed as Legolas (what's a Legolas?). But I got a treat bag filled with yummy things that I totally want! But Mummy and Daddy only gave me a little and then put it in my cupboard. Darn.

This is my outfit. Mummy dressed me up as a yarn ninja. I don't know what she's talking about. I only ever take yarn if it's left out!

There were knitting needles attached on one side, and...

...some yarn on the other! And a mask attached to my muzzle, and then the very impractical clothes.

Everyone walked in their costumes. It was a nice long walk, and even though it was chilly, we were warm in the clothes, so maybe they weren't so impractical...

Duchess is off at her forever home now, but I do want to leave you with one picture of us.

Study in Patience: Two Greyhounds Waiting for Walkies

07 October 2008

Duchess watches TV

I'm brave

This morning when we were walking, there was a man without a dog and who wasn't running. He was walking on the other side of the field from us, but I still saw him and thought that it was weird. Then, when we came around the corner of the path, he was there in front of us! He was sitting on the path. Well, I knew this was definitely Not Right. People don't sit on the path. People walk on the path or run on the path or walk their dogs on the path or run with their dogs on the path. They don't sit on the path. So he was Not Right.

So I told him so. I growled and I barked and my tail was up but not wagging, and Mummy tried to make me quiet, but I had to bark and growl a little more. I told him that this was my Mummy and my friend Duchess, and he was Not Right, and he should just get up and start walking so he could be Right, because I was Priest and I knew he was Not Right and I would protect my Mummy and Duchess.

And he did! He got up and he picked up his shoes (that was weird too, the picking up the shoes thing) and he started walking before we got close to him. And I didn't have to bark or growl anymore, because he was still weird, but he was Right now, and he wasn't coming towards us.

Mummy says I'm very brave.

Mummy also says she'll upload a video of Duchess watching television as soon as Daddy brings her the card from the camera. I don't know what that means, but I guess it means there'll be a video here soon.

06 October 2008

Feet, wet, girl

My foot is almost all better, thank you for asking! Boy, those were some good drugs. I lay on the couch all night, and then the next day, I barely limped! I still feel it every once in a while, but it's not bad at all anymore. But the laying on the couch was great. I'm finding more and more comfortable positions to lie in. Look!

Wind-tunnel ear position.

Companionable head position.

This past Saturday was a crazy day! Mummy and Daddy are crazy! First, they got me WET! And SOAPY! And SMELLY (but not normal smelly)! And it SUCKED!

I'm wet and in the bathtub and it sucks.

I'm wet and in the bathtub and soapy and it sucks.

I'm still wet and in the bathtub but I'm getting dried off, so it sucks less.

I'm so impressed, Mummy and Daddy. So very impressed.

Then I had to air myself even drier than the towels made me. You know, I used to be so self-conscious that if I even caught Mummy and Daddy looking at me when I was cockroached, I'd stop...

And then, at night on Saturday, Mummy and Daddy went out for a few minutes, and when they came back, they had a girl with them! Her name is Duchess and her forever Mummy works in the same building as Mummy, but she's never been in a house before, so we're teaching her a few things before she goes to her forever house. Things like going outside, and toys, and dog beds, and mealtimes, and walk times, and stairs. She really needs to learn how to go downstairs better, because she slipped coming downstairs on Sunday morning and tore off one of her nails! Mummy and Daddy were really sorry about that, especially since Duchess was bleeding. Duchess got so much attention on Sunday! John and Deb came over, and Duchess' forever Mummy, and we all hung out and Duchess got lots of attention from everyone because she was new and because of her nail. Okay, well, maybe I got lots of attention too, but Duchess got lots!

This is Duchess. She loves her water dish. Hee hee roo roo, that was funny!

There will be more pictures of Duchess outside her kennel later. Right now she really likes her kennel, but she's getting better. She and I shared my papasan for a bit this morning, and she figured out last night that dog beds are for lying on. She's really smart.

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