30 January 2008

Mmm... Soft and warm

What? They weren't using it...

28 January 2008

Rabbits and a new coat

I have my very own coat! It's very pretty, and warm, and fits me like it was made for me! I'd love to get my picture taken with it outside, but it's just too cold right now. I don't like going outside right now.

Although, I would like to go out and look for that rabbit again when it gets a little warmer. When the people took me out a few days ago, there was a rabbit in the street. My heart just started going. I knew it was a rabbit, not like that little dog that snapped at me earlier in the morning. This I knew what was. This I knew I could chase. But they wouldn't let me! They even took me in the opposite direction! The man ran with me, which was fun (he doesn't run very fast, but it was still fun), and when we came back out to the street from the park, there was the rabbit again, on the street towards home! It ran away, and I was still on my leash, so I had to let it go. How disappointing.

I wish the people would make the weather warmer. Why don't they do that?

22 January 2008

I like yarn

So, apparently, does the lady. How can I convince her to share? Yesterday she came down the stairs with some, and stopped to pet me and put it down on the stairs. Well, I thought that was so nice of her, to bring me my own yarn and pet me too! So I let her pet me for a while, then I picked up the yarn and took it to my Xpen. She laughed and said, "Priest, that's mine!" I looked at her. Now, I know the good bear is hers, and I guess that's fair, because she can have the bear and I have my hedgehog, but she's got all the yarn. I guess I can't have any, though, 'cause when I started to play with it, she took it away...

I want my own yarn. *pout*

21 January 2008

Much better!

Lookie! Colleen stopped by with a real jacket for me to borrow! This is sooooooo much better! And I have boots too, which is good because it's C O L D right now... Sometimes I have to stop when we're out and ask the lady (silently, of course) if we're back where it's warm yet. It's just cold. She says it'll get better when it's warmer. Is it going to get warmer? I'm not convinced.

We also went out when it wasn't dark yesterday! Wow, was there ever a lot to see and hear! I met a friendly dog and wanted to run with her, and there were kids playing some sort of game with sticks and nets and looking like they were having a good time. And cars everywhere! So much to see, and both the lady and the man came with me. It was a lot of fun.

This seems like a good place. It's been seven whole days now, and I've got them trained to let me out when I come tell them I need to go outside, and trained to pet me when I come to them for pets, though sometimes they get those two confused. And I guess I can stop eating my food so fast I choke 'cause they're still giving it to me morning and night...

I do want to run, though, maybe when it gets warmer. Hopefully the lady and the man will be able to find a place where I can do that.

18 January 2008

Winter walking

Hmm... Well, I'm still here, even though I did pee inside once, so maybe I'm here to stay? They're not so bad, really. They're even pretty nice. They put away the crate, so now I have my Xpen! And they move around the fluffy bed for me. And feed me good food, and liver treats! And I have boots now so my feet don't get so cold on walks. But why do they have to put me in that jacket?

It's not a dog jacket! It doesn't fit, and it's floopy, and there're sleeves, and if they roll down, that's bad. I hate it, but they won't let me out with the leash without it.

There's been some adventures. Like the cat that was on the other side of the backyard gate when I went out a few days ago. It looked like fun! It didn't move, at least not until I tried to reach through the gate and pet it, but it still looked like fun. And there's some girls that walk behind the gate in the afternoon too. I saw them the first day, and wanted them to pet me, but they didn't notice me! I mean, I was stepping in the snow and sniffing as loud as I could... What else should I do?

Oh well. Time for a nap.

13 January 2008

What the heck...

I don't get it. I mean, the last little while's been pretty crazy, what with getting in that van and then getting to this cold place. But then there was a house, and some other dogs, and that was good. But then today, Mum took me to a place where we met with some of my friends, and there were lots of people (and I like people), but then something weird happened. These two people took me out of the place and put me in a car with them. And I just didn't know what was going on. Mum wasn't with me, and she was sad, and I was scared. I didn't want to go. But they helped me in, and then we started driving. So it didn't look like I had much of a choice. So they brought me to this colder place, with that weird white snow stuff, and there was a house, and it had a crate and an X-pen, and they took me around this house, and there were no other dogs, so I guess maybe it's mine. But I just don't know.

They're nice enough, I guess. They fed me and gave me treats, but I wanted to be in the X-pen and they wouldn't let me, and they took away those neat toys on the back of the couch. But I just don't know. Maybe things'll be better soon. I'm just so confused.

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