18 January 2008

Winter walking

Hmm... Well, I'm still here, even though I did pee inside once, so maybe I'm here to stay? They're not so bad, really. They're even pretty nice. They put away the crate, so now I have my Xpen! And they move around the fluffy bed for me. And feed me good food, and liver treats! And I have boots now so my feet don't get so cold on walks. But why do they have to put me in that jacket?

It's not a dog jacket! It doesn't fit, and it's floopy, and there're sleeves, and if they roll down, that's bad. I hate it, but they won't let me out with the leash without it.

There's been some adventures. Like the cat that was on the other side of the backyard gate when I went out a few days ago. It looked like fun! It didn't move, at least not until I tried to reach through the gate and pet it, but it still looked like fun. And there's some girls that walk behind the gate in the afternoon too. I saw them the first day, and wanted them to pet me, but they didn't notice me! I mean, I was stepping in the snow and sniffing as loud as I could... What else should I do?

Oh well. Time for a nap.


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