28 January 2008

Rabbits and a new coat

I have my very own coat! It's very pretty, and warm, and fits me like it was made for me! I'd love to get my picture taken with it outside, but it's just too cold right now. I don't like going outside right now.

Although, I would like to go out and look for that rabbit again when it gets a little warmer. When the people took me out a few days ago, there was a rabbit in the street. My heart just started going. I knew it was a rabbit, not like that little dog that snapped at me earlier in the morning. This I knew what was. This I knew I could chase. But they wouldn't let me! They even took me in the opposite direction! The man ran with me, which was fun (he doesn't run very fast, but it was still fun), and when we came back out to the street from the park, there was the rabbit again, on the street towards home! It ran away, and I was still on my leash, so I had to let it go. How disappointing.

I wish the people would make the weather warmer. Why don't they do that?


Colleen Patience

What a beautiful boy! I love the camo on him. I will swing by this week and pick up my coat. Most likely Wednesday or Friday.


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