22 February 2008

Greyhound walk!

I would have posted earlier, but I've been soooooo tired!

Things were a little weird here for a while. The Dad-man was home a lot more, and now he's not, and the Mom-lady went away last week, but these other people came and stayed, and then the Mom-lady came home and another guy came and stayed for a little bit, but those other people went away... But that's not what I wanted to talk about!

On Sunday, we went for a greyhound walk! The Dad-man and I got in the car and drove and stopped and there were all these greyhounds! Oh, it was so exciting! And the Mom-lady met us there! I'm afraid I almost didn't notice. There was so many dogs to meet and get to know! The Dad-man forgot the camera in the car, so we don't have pictures. But I can tell you this: we walked for a loooooooooooooooong time. I couldn't just stop when I get tired, not with all the other guys there. Bad enough they put me in my coat, and practically no one else was wearing them. Thanks, Mom-lady and Dad-man; I looked like a wimp (even though I do like my matching jacket). But we walked for TWO WHOLE HOURS! There were a few other dogs and people, but there were lots and lots of greyhounds. I had fun. I hope we can do it again.

The Mom-lady is telling me that I picked up some bad habits from the other boys, like stopping to sniff EVERYTHING that smells good. I don't know what she's talking about. Now my paws are tired again. Time to head back to my Xpen and have a snooze. Ahhhh...

12 February 2008


I think I need to start making lists to keep straight what's mine and not mine. It's so complicated.

Mine: The Xpen. That's definitely mine.
Not Mine: The basement. They won't let me down there alone, and when I use the room that no one uses for a bathroom, they don't like it. So I guess it's not mine.

Mine: The hedgehog, the pig-on-a-rope, the cow, and the dogiraffe.
Not Mine: The awesome teddy bear that smells like the Mom-lady and the Dad-man. And bras aren't mine either, no matter how much fun they are to play with.

Mine: Kibble, rawhides, cookies from the secret cupboard, and treats from the red bag.
Not Mine: Anything from the other side of the secret cupboard. That sucks. The tortilla chips smell (and sound!) good.

Mine: The Kraft peanut butter.
Not Mine: The other peanut butter that's in the fridge.

Mine: The backyard. I can go wherever I want!
Not Mine: The route we take for walks. Even though I tell them I want to go in this direction, they don't seem to listen.

Some things I'm still not sure about. Like the cork coasters. They didn't say anything about the one I brought up to the bedroom and nibbled on, but the one I took to my Xpen later they took back. So that's still up in the air. The blankets on the floor are mine, except maybe the green one that's folded underneath the end table there, so I'm still figuring that one out.

We've had a few guests the last few weeks! So many people to meet! And they all pet me. And the Dad-man plays with me sometimes (when I feel like it). I'm still adjusting, but I'm starting to like it here.

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