19 February 2009

I'm sorry, Mummy and Daddy

I'm a little stressed out right now...

16 February 2009


Last week Darwin came to stay with us.

He's a pretty nice guy, but I think we're on different wavelengths. Like, when he got here last week, he was sure that my round bed was his! And he wasn't taking no for an answer. And he barks a lot, and even howls, and when I come to see what he's making noise at, it's just someone in the field, or something. And then, like today, I think he wants to play, but he doesn't play any way that I know how to play, and I get scared. Then Mummy or Daddy opens the door, and that means it's time to go in. He likes Mummy and Daddy a lot, and is always going to them for cuddles and hugs. I'm not jealous, really I'm not (but I am sleeping in their bed with them at night, so there!).

05 February 2009

Not fair

Mummy gets in these moods sometimes. When she gets in these moods, she takes away places for me to lie down. She takes the blankets off the couch and then for some weird reason I'm not allowed to be on it until she puts them back, and she doesn't put them back for hours! She takes them downstairs and does something with them, and I'm not allowed to lie on the couch. And then she'll put them back on the couch, but then I'm not allowed to lie on my bed upstairs because the cover is off and downstairs like the blankets were! And then sometimes, she'll even take my bed and all my carefully arranged toys and pillow and blanket and mess them all up and put them on Mummy and Daddy's bed, and then use the scary loud carpet sucker thing! And then when she puts my bed back, the cover still isn't on it, and nothing's the way I had it! It's not fair! But I showed her...

So there.

And then Daddy steals one of my toys. Seriously.

A couple weekends ago, just after Banner left, Mummy and Daddy took me in the not-Priestmobile to this neat place. They called it the "Pet Expo." There were greyhounds there! And lots and lots of people!

I had on my dress collar and my red leash, and I wanted to go exploring! We did a little, but mostly we hung out with the greyhounds.

Lots of people stopped by to talk to our people about us! They said we were elegant and pretty, and asked lots of questions and gave us lots of love. Lots and lots of love...

There got to be so many people that Cloudy had had enough and hid under the table!

It even got to be enough for me. There was so much petting and loving and things to see and do that I didn't even want to explore any more. I just stood next to Mummy and Daddy, and I even didn't want to go meet more new people. Finally Mummy and Daddy took me home. It was a lot of fun, but exhausting! I slept for two days!

Mummy says this winter has been really weird. I'll agree with that. It's slippery out there right now! Mummy says she doesn't want to take me for walks in the dark, because she says her two feet slip more easily than my four, and the dark won't help. My four slip a lot too! We did walk to the dog park yesterday afternoon, and we were almost home when we met a German Shepherd. Apparently I scared him by standing there, because one second he was happy to meet me, and the next he wasn't! It was strange, and then I didn't get to meet the other dog. Maybe the weird weather is affecting everyone.

Mummy says she's knitting me a sweater. She tried it on me the other day, and that was exciting, because it was yarn! But it only came over my head and across my chest, so I don't think she's done.

Mummy and Daddy also say I've been acting a little weird. Well, maybe I miss Banner, and maybe the weather hasn't been helping, and maybe the trip to Calgary last weekend made me really tired because I don't sleep as much. I think I'll just keep it to myself, though, whatever it is, and make them keep guessing.

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