16 February 2009


Last week Darwin came to stay with us.

He's a pretty nice guy, but I think we're on different wavelengths. Like, when he got here last week, he was sure that my round bed was his! And he wasn't taking no for an answer. And he barks a lot, and even howls, and when I come to see what he's making noise at, it's just someone in the field, or something. And then, like today, I think he wants to play, but he doesn't play any way that I know how to play, and I get scared. Then Mummy or Daddy opens the door, and that means it's time to go in. He likes Mummy and Daddy a lot, and is always going to them for cuddles and hugs. I'm not jealous, really I'm not (but I am sleeping in their bed with them at night, so there!).


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