06 August 2009

Worst! Morning! Ever!

I just had the most worstest morning EVER!

Mummy and I got up at 5:40 like normal for our morning walk, but Mummy was looking outside and looking outside and saying things like, "You're not going to like it," and "It's raining," but I wanted to go on my walk. We got downstairs and she put on her sweater like normal, but then she put on another jacket too. And put on my collar and leash, but then! Then! THEN! She took this THING out of the closet! It was long and pointy, and didn't look too bad, then. But then she opened the door. And it was RAINING! And I wasn't sure about that, but darn it, it's my walk. So I went outside, and Mummy followed me. And then the THING! The THING! Mummy did something to it, and it wasn't long and pointy anymore, it was BIG and ROUND, and Mummy put it over her head, and it started to make noise, and I thought it was going to eat her HEAD! I was scared! Mummy said everything was okay, that it was just an "um-ber-ell-a," and she tried to put it over my head, but I was NOT going to have any of eating my head stuff. And I was getting wet! So we started walking, but I kept checking to make sure Mummy still had her head, and sometimes the THING would make a loud noise and I figured it would just be easier to walk behind Mummy to make sure it wasn't eating her. And I was getting wet, because it was raining, and it wasn't a nice walk AT ALL. We only did one of the shorter routes, but between the wet and making sure the THING didn't eat Mummy, I was happy to get back to the house. Mummy let me in and dried me off good, and I went upstairs to cuddle with Daddy, but when Mummy up to lay down for a bit, I got mad at her for such a crummy walk, so I didn't give her any room.

THEN! THEN! After breakfast, Mummy let me outside and it had stopped raining, which was good, but it still wasn't too nice out there, so I did my business and came to the door. But Mummy didn't come to let me in. So I wandered around again, and came to the door. And Mummy STILL didn't come to let me in! She didn't come to let me in for a LONG TIME! All this after the crummy walk and the THING too! Finally she did, and I was pretty mad by this point, and she said she was sorry, that she'd got busy in the kitchen and stuff, and I LET her wipe my paws, but then I ran STRAIGHT upstairs to Daddy. Daddy loves me...

I tell you. Mummy had better make this up to me. She'd better give me a popsicle today. Yum, popsicle.

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