23 December 2008

Huh? and Christmas

Huh? What's that?

Oh, whatever. It's boring.

But new hedgehogs aren't.

Aren't I handsome with Daddy's new camera?

And what's that? Christmas? (ignore the posting date... Mummy's slow)

Me and cousin Ghost! We got along good, but she doesn't know how to play, yet, really...

Mummy snuggling.

Snuggling with one of my Christmas presents!

This is Banner. He came on Saturday, and he's a foster. He and I get along good! He makes lots of noise by hitting the walls with his tail. He's pretty happy. Mummy says she thinks he'll get a forever home soon.



great pics, and an AWESOME video! Sabrina came barreling in here to see what new squeaky I had. She will work on any new toy until she kills it dead. D-E-D!

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