23 September 2008

Ouch... Ow... Ow...

Mummy and I spent most of the afternoon at the vet, and this is why.

We were there a long time, but I still had a good time, even though my foot hurts something fierce! There was a nice vet lady who tested my leg and my foot, and then Mummy and I waited a while, and then I got to go into the Treatment Room! I love the Treatment Room! I wish I could spend my whole vet visit in the Treatment Room! I keep telling this to Mummy and the vet people, but they still make me stay outside a long time, and I can only look longingly at the door. But I finally got to go into the Treatment Room, and then they took some funny pictures of my foot. Then they tried to take me out of the Treatment Room, and I DIDN'T want to go, until I saw Mummy. Then the vet lady showed Mummy the funny pictures, and then she told Mummy what she thought was wrong with my foot. It was lots of big words, like "no fracture" and "soft tissue damage" and "bruise and redness," and then she told Mummy to give me a "painkiller and anti-inflammatory" something. But I did understand when she told Mummy that we shouldn't go for walks! For a WEEK! That she should just let me outside to go to the bathroom! That SUCKS! I'll have to try to make Mummy forget that part. I love my morning walks! We HAVE to go!



*silent wimper* My foot really hurts.



oh, poor boy! No walkies for a week? The humanity. Well, maybe it will be really gross weather and you won't miss it too much.

p.s. Sabrina and Apollo say that if you look really pathetic when you limp around and give the humans big dog eyes, you should be able to get EXTRA COOKIES to ease your pain. Just sayin'!

Relax, have a nap and rest that paw-paw.

Colleen Patience

How is his foot now? How did he hurt himself. It looks like it was very painful!

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