04 September 2008

An update

Mesa's gone now, and the toys are all back in the basket (and the ZoomGroom is back with the other brush).

I know Mummy is a little worried about me, and I wish I could tell her not to be. I'm just re-settling in again about being by myself. And it's getting colder again, and that's kind of not fun. But I'm lying on the couch a lot, and on the bed, andlooking at Mummy and at Daddy, but I'm still loving my walks and my peanut butter and when people come home in the afternoon. I know I'm acting a little differently, but not that much, so Mummy really shouldn't worry.

We've done a lot of things in the last little while, like a greyhound walk before Mesa left, and I met Grandma and spent some time with her, and then we had a trip down to Calgary and I let Mummy and Daddy know that the next house has to have a bigger (fenced) back yard, and it was a fun trip. I think maybe there's something big coming, because Mummy keeps mentioning a picnic and is wasting a lot of great yarn on some things that are small but kind of shaped like greyhounds. I especially like the soft blue yarn that she left unattended briefly and then caught me with before I even had a chance to play. Oh well.

I guess I'll just go back to sleep.



ha! cute video - the toys get strewn all about here and *NO ONE* knows anything about it. Sabrina and Apollo can't wait to meet you at the picnic - squee - it's next Saturday!!

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