17 September 2008

Lots to tell!

Wow, it's been busy! I should start with the picnic! This was what Mummy was talking about, but Mummy didn't even go! Daddy and I went and we met Sabrina and Apollo and their mummy and daddy in person, and Daddy and I had an awesome time, even though I spent seven hours trying to get Daddy to explore with me, and he wanted to explore in different directions, or didn't want to explore at all. I was trying so hard to explore that he didn't have much chance to take pictures, so the ones below are from Sabrina and Apollo's mummy Terri. Thanks for letting me borrow your pictures, Terri!

Daddy and I at the picnic! Let's go explore, Daddy!

Daddy and Sabrina and Apollo's daddy and me and Sabrina and Apollo!

But it wasn't just us; there were lots of greyhounds and greyhound mummies and daddies and sisters and brothers and friends! It was amazing!

And there was food! People food, but still! It smelled lovely.

It's too bad Mummy wasn't there. She came back just after we got back from the picnic, and she was so sad to have missed it, she was crying. I told her not to cry. There will be other picnics!

Oh, and I did something good! On Monday I was hungry late at night, so I did what Daddy does and I got myself a midnight snack. Daddy's work bag was on the floor, and I smelled peanut butter in it, so I went in there and took it out and ate it! It was all wrapped up, and was in these circles with this really tasty brown yummy stuff around it (and paper too), but I got them out of the wrapper and ate them! Daddy was so proud of me he woke Mummy up to show her the wrapper I opened, and he called Colleen to tell her too! I'm so proud of myself! I can take care of myself! Although, my tummy was a little oogly afterwards. Not much, but a little. Maybe it was the paper. I shouldn't have eaten the paper.



Priest, you are a hoot! It was a great pleasure to meet you and your dad, but we were all sad that your mom couldn't make it. Next year!

Sabrina says to tell you she's impressed that you managed to help yourself to a snack. She tried it once with some cream cheese pastry sticks that were wrapped in plastic - but she's smart, she unwrapped them first. Hope your tummy is better.


Hey, I didn't notice before, but if you look at the full-res version of the pic of Priest and Mike, you can see Big ol' Elliot in the background with his head on his dish. He was a hoot, too!

Colleen Patience

next year you will have to go to both the picnics and that will make up for missing this year's.

Glad you enjoyed your snack and have no ill effects.

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