22 July 2008

Mummy's photo-happy...

Mummy, what's a Kilroy, and why do I need to do it better?

Mummy, I'm just scratching my ear...

What are you doing, Mummy?

Yes, Mummy, I know I'm just the cutest greyhound... You don't need to keep telling me!

Enough with the pictures already, Mummy, seriously...

More Kilroy? Do I still need to do it better?

Mummy, the water is cold and weird...

Oooo, Daddy, the water on my head was coooooooollllllllldddddd...

Where did Daddy go?

I don't quite understand this purple thing with water yet, but Mummy really needs to stop taking pictures.



oh Priest, you really are gorgeous!! (But don't tell Apollo I said that. Sabrina is diva enough that she doesn't question her beauty.) I can't wait to meet you in September at the picnic!!


and also? why do those disembodied clogs in a few of the pics just crack me up?!

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