23 September 2008

Ouch... Ow... Ow...

Mummy and I spent most of the afternoon at the vet, and this is why.

We were there a long time, but I still had a good time, even though my foot hurts something fierce! There was a nice vet lady who tested my leg and my foot, and then Mummy and I waited a while, and then I got to go into the Treatment Room! I love the Treatment Room! I wish I could spend my whole vet visit in the Treatment Room! I keep telling this to Mummy and the vet people, but they still make me stay outside a long time, and I can only look longingly at the door. But I finally got to go into the Treatment Room, and then they took some funny pictures of my foot. Then they tried to take me out of the Treatment Room, and I DIDN'T want to go, until I saw Mummy. Then the vet lady showed Mummy the funny pictures, and then she told Mummy what she thought was wrong with my foot. It was lots of big words, like "no fracture" and "soft tissue damage" and "bruise and redness," and then she told Mummy to give me a "painkiller and anti-inflammatory" something. But I did understand when she told Mummy that we shouldn't go for walks! For a WEEK! That she should just let me outside to go to the bathroom! That SUCKS! I'll have to try to make Mummy forget that part. I love my morning walks! We HAVE to go!



*silent wimper* My foot really hurts.

17 September 2008

Lots to tell!

Wow, it's been busy! I should start with the picnic! This was what Mummy was talking about, but Mummy didn't even go! Daddy and I went and we met Sabrina and Apollo and their mummy and daddy in person, and Daddy and I had an awesome time, even though I spent seven hours trying to get Daddy to explore with me, and he wanted to explore in different directions, or didn't want to explore at all. I was trying so hard to explore that he didn't have much chance to take pictures, so the ones below are from Sabrina and Apollo's mummy Terri. Thanks for letting me borrow your pictures, Terri!

Daddy and I at the picnic! Let's go explore, Daddy!

Daddy and Sabrina and Apollo's daddy and me and Sabrina and Apollo!

But it wasn't just us; there were lots of greyhounds and greyhound mummies and daddies and sisters and brothers and friends! It was amazing!

And there was food! People food, but still! It smelled lovely.

It's too bad Mummy wasn't there. She came back just after we got back from the picnic, and she was so sad to have missed it, she was crying. I told her not to cry. There will be other picnics!

Oh, and I did something good! On Monday I was hungry late at night, so I did what Daddy does and I got myself a midnight snack. Daddy's work bag was on the floor, and I smelled peanut butter in it, so I went in there and took it out and ate it! It was all wrapped up, and was in these circles with this really tasty brown yummy stuff around it (and paper too), but I got them out of the wrapper and ate them! Daddy was so proud of me he woke Mummy up to show her the wrapper I opened, and he called Colleen to tell her too! I'm so proud of myself! I can take care of myself! Although, my tummy was a little oogly afterwards. Not much, but a little. Maybe it was the paper. I shouldn't have eaten the paper.

04 September 2008

An update

Mesa's gone now, and the toys are all back in the basket (and the ZoomGroom is back with the other brush).

I know Mummy is a little worried about me, and I wish I could tell her not to be. I'm just re-settling in again about being by myself. And it's getting colder again, and that's kind of not fun. But I'm lying on the couch a lot, and on the bed, andlooking at Mummy and at Daddy, but I'm still loving my walks and my peanut butter and when people come home in the afternoon. I know I'm acting a little differently, but not that much, so Mummy really shouldn't worry.

We've done a lot of things in the last little while, like a greyhound walk before Mesa left, and I met Grandma and spent some time with her, and then we had a trip down to Calgary and I let Mummy and Daddy know that the next house has to have a bigger (fenced) back yard, and it was a fun trip. I think maybe there's something big coming, because Mummy keeps mentioning a picnic and is wasting a lot of great yarn on some things that are small but kind of shaped like greyhounds. I especially like the soft blue yarn that she left unattended briefly and then caught me with before I even had a chance to play. Oh well.

I guess I'll just go back to sleep.

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