08 June 2008

A seriously busy couple of weeks...

Wow, it's been so busy I haven't had much time to report!

Three weeks ago there was a fun run! I got to play with other greyhounds, and then John and Deb invited us in, and I got to sniff around for a cat, and lay on a bed, and look at LOTS of greyhounds, and try raw food! I'm glad I tried the raw food, because Mum and Dad are giving it to me now! It's so yummy!

Then two weeks ago, Mormor and Morfar and Aunt Sheila and Uncle Nathan came up for a visit! Aunt Sheila and Uncle Nathan were taking me for a walk in this picture while Mum and Mormor and Morfar were doing something crazy to my backyard. There's no deck now! I can't put my front paws on the top of the fence anymore when the neighbour rabbit's owner is out and wants to pet me! But it was a good visit, except for the flyey thing in the sky that really freaked me out...

They were only here for a couple days, but then Mum and I and Mormor got in the car and left Daddy behind and drove and drove and drove and drove, and then were were at Mormor and Morfar's house! We stayed there for six days. This is me meeting my new friend Thumper, who lives next door to Mormor and Morfar.

And this is me and Mum snuggling. I like Mormor and Morfar's place because there's more carpet and it's easier to play on and snuggle with people on.

Then after we'd been there a few days, Mum took me on a short car ride, and at the end there were greyhounds! And a cat, but the cat was inside and I couldn't play with him. The greyhounds were Ziggy and Max, and we went for a walk, and then we went for a run, and it was so much fun!

Their mum showed me how to drink from this great contraption, and then Mum got me one too!

Then we drove and drove and drove again and we were home, and there was Daddy and we were both happy to see him. Then the next day, so a week ago, there was a greyhound walk! It was lots of fun, and I got to try out my own water contraption, but Mum had a hard time getting pictures because Daddy still can't come with us on walks...

What can I say? It's been a great few weeks!


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