30 June 2008

Dad, I'm thinking...

Since I've figured out how to jump up on the bed now, we need to set some ground rules about who gets what amount of space. Now, we both agree that there just isn't room for Mummy. You don't lie on the edge of the bed, and my legs are just too long, so Mummy will have to go somewhere else. But see here's how I see it. You're kind of shaped like a long thin pole, and I'm kind of... rectangular. So I should have more space, don't you think?

It's nice cuddling with you in the mornings; I like it. You're a much softer pillow than the wall. But your pillows are much softer too! Scootch over, Daddy, so I can have some pillow.


Colleen Patience

That is so sweet!


Sabrina, as skinny as she is, is a complete bed hog. If you give her an inch, she'll take over the entire bed. Apollo usually sleeps on the spare bed so he can spread out, but sometimes in the winter mornings he'll jump up for a cuddle with me and Sabrina.

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