19 June 2008


Okay, maybe you all can help me.

Mum and Dad are now feeding me raw food. The raw meat part is chicken. They give me raw bones every once in a while to chew on. Raw is so yummy, and they tell me that it's good for me too.

So why is it that Mum won't let me have the bird carcass that I find on our walks? Four times I've picked it up, and four times Mum has made me drop it. It's bird, it's raw, how is it different from what I'm eating?

Oh, and I've figured out how to get up on Mum and Dad's bed without help. Hee hee. I like to cuddle with them in the mornings, though Mum always squishes me when I get back to bed before her after our walks. She raced me back to bed this morning. Silly Mum.



Moms like to say "don't put that in your mouth - you don't know where it's been!". I'm sure it's something like that. And I'm pretty sure it wouldn't taste as yummy as your "proper" chicken bits.

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