22 April 2008

Oh dear...

So I had a super yummy bone on Sunday afternoon, but it made my tummy feel not so great.

Then Monday morning, Mum and Dad left for work, and Mum didn't close the door to the Xpen! She gave me my Kong and did everything else normal. So I had run of the house! Score!

Except my tummy really didn't feel well...

So after I threw up three times and had diarrhea four times, I figured it couldn't get much worse, so I peed on the corner of my Xpen.

Not sure Mum's going to leave the door open for a while now.

But Mum and Dad didn't seem mad, more worried. They brought home a big loud cleaner thingy, but before they used it, they let me go up on their bed! I wasn't too sure about that, but they insisted, and it was soft and comfy and away from the big loud cleaner thingy. And they fed me this soft white grainy type stuff for dinner and for breakfast too that didn't make my tummy hurt. And Dad convinced Mum to stay home with me today, 'cause I'm not feeling well (there were other reasons too, like "bad roads" and "banked time," but I don't quite understand what those mean). Mum keeps asking me if I need to go outside. I'll tell her when I do. But now it's nap-time again. Hope my tummy feels all better soon. Why'd it have to feel bad the first day Mum left the door open?


Colleen Patience

Oh no!!! You handled the situation wonderfully!! I think that you should start fostering for Chinook Winds! If his tummy is not better in another day, raw hamburger will set him straight and then slowly add his regular food back in.

Give him a hug from Auntie Colleen

Greyhound Gap Official News Blogger

Poor boy really hoping you and your tummy are feeling much much better now x


oh dear - I hope you're feeling much better. That happened to poor Sabrina a year and a half ago. It was suuuuch a mess, but I know she couldn't help it.

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