15 April 2008

New toy = Time to kill some squeakers!

This is a great toy! I've had it two days now (this video is from Sunday), and I've killed three of the squeakers already, and another two are on their way out, but the broken squeakers still make this great popping noise, and the toy has crinkly material inside! It's just awesome! *pounce*



Sabrina LURVES her squeaky toys. I have to import big bags of replacement squeakers and am constantly doing "surgery" on the darn things. Squeeeeeeekkkkk!!!

Greyhound Gap Official News Blogger

I had a new computer two weeks ago that absolutly refuses for some reason to allow me to upload flashplayer so means I cant see video streaming which is frustrating. Especially when it stands between me giggling at a hound and their squeaky.

Although I can well imagine what it sounds like and is probably similar to what ive listened to my own eight doing all day

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