30 April 2008

Ask me about this morning...

Go ahead, ask! It was WET! I wasn't so sure, but once we got outside, it was kind of fun! But definitely wet. This rain thing is kind of neat. Everything smells so different! And when we got inside, Mum dried me off with a big towel and covered me up with a blanket before breakfast, and I was snuggly and warm. I did tell Dad that this was definitely a good day to play hooky and stay home and nap with me, though... But they didn't.

It wasn't raining on Sunday, and that's when we went for another friend walk! It was a really short drive this time. I like going in the car, because most of the time, there's friends where we stop!

I'm all ready to go! Come on, Mum!

Here we go!

Out in front, just the way I like it!

Colour coordinated friends! hee hee roo roo

So much fun! I like the friend walks; I hope we do lots of them!


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