22 November 2008

What fun!

But I wonder why Mummy and Daddy were hiding such fun things under the bed... And what's this Christmas thing they're talking about? And why did they move all the fun things after this?

12 November 2008


Two weekends ago, we went visiting. Mummy and Daddy and I got in the Priestmobile, and we drove. We drove for a long time, and Mummy and Daddy kept talking about being lost, but I lay down in the back of the Priestmobile and looked out the window, and stood up when we went on the bumpy roads. Finally we got to where we were going, and there was another dog there named Aspen who didn't like me much, and another greyhound! His name was Tucker, and we got along really well! We hung out and traded beds, and followed each other around, and ate cookies, and went for a walk! Everyone said we looked really alike. Hmm... Maybe.

Mummy was away this weekend, but I was a good boy and I woke Daddy up so he could feed me, and we went and met Duchess and her family for a run! It was a good weekend, but I was happy to see Mummy again!

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