09 May 2008

Rabbit Haiku

Caged rabbit next door
Run free with your wild brethren
And I will chase you

Rabbit among leaves
You are still and never move
I will still chase you

Rabbits on the street
I look for you every day
Chasing would be fun

05 May 2008

Ahh, spring

Spring. The time when a young greyhound's thoughts turn to... other things. Things like:

-The grass is getting so green, I could just eat it! In fact, I think I will!

-It's late, it's dark, Mum is in bed, but there are such interesting noises coming from the open window, I think I just need to keep pacing back and forth between the window and the bed and whining. Who needs to settle? I have all day to sleep!

-It's warm, the window is open and fresh air is coming in, and Mum has just left her expensive blue yarn on the bed. I think that unwound hank would make a great toy.

-I think I'll use my super powers of imagination to get Mum and Dad to look around for bugs by pretending I see something moving near me when I'm lying down. Snicker snicker roo roo.

Ahh... Spring.

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