01 March 2008

Yay Yarn!

That was so much fun! Although the Mom-Lady did tell me that she's glad I only ruined the label. I wonder what she means...


Colleen Patience

Now that beautiful baby blanket that you are making will have Priest love to send with it!


Hello Priest. Your Mummy speaks to our Mummy on Grey Knits,Ravelry.

We asked our Mummy to put a link up to our blog, Gorgeous Greyhounds, so now all our readers can go to your blog too.

Come and visit us at http://www.gorgeousgreyhounds.blogspot.com

Oh yes, we have also discovered the joy of yarn, the taste of it, and how Mum gets so frustrated when we pull the middle of the skein out on itself over and over.....teee heee heee roo roo roo

Dizzy and Lily

Terri Royea

That is so funny! Luckily Sabrina and Apollo don't touch my knitting stuff, but I've noticed Apollo loves to snuggle and rub his face on Bill's merino wool sweater (the seamless hybrid on my Ravelry project page.

I'm glad I found your blog (and through yours, Colleen's blog) and will check back often for your news! I wonder how many other Chinook people have blogs?

Sabrina and Apollo are on my blog almost every entry ...



I took a closer look at that top photo and I have to give you extra marks for artistic impression: the wrapping of the yarn around the corner of the "Greyhounds for Dummies" book is genius!


Hilarious. At least there's a trail to follow, right? :) I need to make sure Stella doesn't see this and get any big ideas.


But Mommy, I want to use that blanket now! Did he at least have the grace to look ashamed I hope?

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